10 Tips to extend the life of your flowers

by | Sep 9, 2020

I am passionate about flower care.  I figure that plants have gone to all the effort of providing us foliage and blooms to enjoy, the least we can do is make an effort to extend the life of them. And besides, if you’ve paid for a bunch of flowers, you’ll want to get your money’s worth!

Here’s a few simple tips that can extend the life of your flowers:

1.  If flowers have been out of water during transportation, the cells at the end of the stem will close.  This makes it hard for water to travel up the stem so always cut off 2-3cm before placing in a vase of water.

2.  Ensure your snips are clean as any dirt will only lead to bacteria growth. Sharp snips are a must as blunt blades can squash the tiny vessels that transport the water up the stem.  Cut the stems on an angle to give a bigger surface area for the stem to draw up water.

3.  Never ever let leaves sit in water.  Anything that is below the water line in a vase needs to come off. Wet leaves rot and this brings in the bacteria.

4.  Never add sugar to your water. This feeds bacteria.  Instead, change your water regularly.  If you are not using flower food which has an anti-bacterial agent in it, then do this every day.

5.  I often hold the stems together and wash them under the tap when changing the vase water to get rid of any bacteria that has made itself at home.

6.  There’s no need to fill a vase right to its top.  In fact, up to the first third of the vase is plenty as long as all the stems are in water.  Just remember, the softer the stems, the less water you should use to avoid the stems from going soft and mushy.

7.  Every few days give the stems a snip.  About 1cm should do it.  This will help get rid of any dirt or debris that has congregated at the end of the stem.

8.  Avoid putting your flowers in the sun as this will dehydrate them.

9.  Never leave your flowers near a bowl of fruit.  Ripening fruit produces a natural gas called ethylene which some flowers are sensitive too.  They are not fussed either on cigarette smoke.

10.  And last but not least….play nice music to your flowers….only joking!   Although in saying this I believe there have been studies in this area.  I’ll leave this one to you!

Extend the life of your flowers
Flower Care
Extend the life of your flowers


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