Botanical Styling

Interior Design

We can help bring a touch of the outdoors into your home or business environment to refresh, invigorate and revitalise your space. Potted plants or artificial flowers and greenery are a great alternative to cut flowers where longevity is required. We consider your unique environment and apply the key principals of design to create statement pieces.

Botanical Styling Interior Design
Botanical Styling Product & Fashion Advertising

Product and Fashion Advertising

We work with creative teams including photographers to create floral backdrops and floral pieces for product or fashion advertising. Having worked in the creative advertising space for many years, we are experienced in this field.

Set Design

We have worked extensively with artificial replicas of flowers and foliage for projects small and large. We have appetite for telling a story with flowers and being part of a set design team is another avenue we love to show off our creativity.

Botanical Styling Set Design


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