“Gosh, those flowers are expensive!”

by | Apr 5, 2021

The title of his blog is a common phase I often hear and I have to admit it is frustrating but understandable as the flower supply chain is not one you would expect the general public to understand.

Put yourself in the shoes of a flower!  That’s right, a flower.  The flower farmer has just readied the soil and added fertiliser and then popped you in to the ground as a small plant or a seed.  You now have to be watered and then sprayed to keep away those hungry little insects. Some of your mates do not make it as the heavy rain rot their stems. 

The day comes when you graduate.  You are now on a rapid journey to get to your final destination in tip top shape.  The grower picks you, packs you and then either trucks you or pops you on a plane, yes a plane, where you are then transported to a central flower warehouse.  And of course, all this time you are kept in a cool environment.

You just start to settle into life at the warehouse, where you are then selected, picked and packed again to make another journey to the local florist. Another truck ride!  The florist removes you from your packaging, your leaves are stripped, your stem is cut and you are now sitting pretty in the florist shop.

It does not end there!   Yes, you are taken from your vase after a good drink and designed into a flower gift.  You are water packed and wrapped ready for the courier to deliver you to someone special.  You are greeted with delight by the recipient and there you sit for the next 7 to 10 days!  Hopefully someone will change your water!

It is hard to imagine the manpower along with the transport logistics to get a bunch of flowers to their final destination looking as ‘fresh as a daisy’. It all costs money every step of the way and paying the price of a cup of coffee or even two coffees for a flower stem is a small price to pay. Plus flowers last longer! 

Stop and contemplate the Japanese proverb – “Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands”.

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